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  1. I have no special story or reason for beginning to learn British sign language, It is just something that has always held my interest and has been an item on my bucket list for a while now. I am really enjoying learning this language, as other languages have been a huge struggle for me in the past😂 I can't wait to keep learning and eventually use this in day to day life.
  2. Hi there, My name is Natalie and I'm currently working as a teacher in an Alternative provision school. I have wanted to learn sign language for a long time now and it can be quite hard to find the spare time when you're a teacher! However now I have got the perfect opportunity to tackle all of the challenges that I have wanted to do in isolation 🙃 So here I am! I'm still incredibly new to all of this but would love to get to chat to others and see how they are getting on with the BSL course. 🥳
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