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  1. Hi Vicky! I am learning level 1 the same as your daughter! I know I am slightly older (20) but once I learn more I'd love to practice with your daughter if she's up for it
  2. Thanks for the welcome! As soon as I learn more I would love to try and have a chat with you!
  3. My name's Georgia and I have just started the "Introducing British Sign Language course"! I have already learnt the alphabet and how to count from youtube videos and I can't wait to learn more. I am 20 years old from the West Midlands currently studying at university. Due to the whole coronavirus situation I have found myself wanting to learn a skill that will be extremely useful in life as I have more time now. I think the basics of sign language should be taught in schools as something as easy as fingerspelling has the ability to ensure we can all communicate with the deaf/hard-of-hearing community.
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