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  1. Great! I didn't know the sign for 'mean' so it makes sense, thanks!
  2. Hi all, Just wondering how you would ask someone what a specific sign meant, if it was one you hadn't seen before or couldn't work out. Would it be: Sign - 'replicate sign' - what? Any advice appreciated, thanks!
  3. Hey Alan, I'm only a beginner but as a medic I've put a lot of my concentration into learning medical signs. I'm not able to do a video at the moment, but I imagine it would be: Feel - one, or both, index fingers running a vertical offset line up your torso. Lip pattern "feel" You - point at the person. Lip pattern "You" Sick/Vomit - one, or both, hands in a fist on your chin opening up flat and moving forward and downwards (miming someone vomiting) lip pattern "sick" I'm not 100% certain on the order of the signs but I think the above is right. There's a gre
  4. Although not strictly about a specific sign, I was wondering if anyone could help... Does anyone know which council or committee are in charge of deciding on a new sign being accepted into BSL? And, if there is any way to request a new sign to be 'created'? I've done some research and although the most official-looking BSL dictionary was put together by the BDA, I wonder who actually approved the common signs nationally. I saw that a Scottish Deaf scientist introduced many words as a new standard for scientific terms (as they were "tiresome" to fingerspell every time) but can
  5. That's okay, Laura! Still a useful sign to know. Especially at the moment! Thanks!
  6. Hey Bex, same here! (not the riding the unicycle but haha) trying to learn BSL to flex the grey matter and help our patients. Good to see there's another para with the same mindset. How are you finding your learning so far?
  7. Hi all, I have seen signs for Doctor, Nurse, Dentist, Ambulance, etc. but can't seem to find a definitive sign for Paramedic. I don't mind finger spelling to clarify my job, but it's a long word to spell and wonder if there's a more concise sign. Thanks!
  8. Hi all, My name is Adam and I have recently started learning BSL. I work as a full-time emergency Paramedic in Norfolk. I have met many D/deaf patients and have always wished I could communicate directly with the patient, rather than through a friend or family member, to provide better care and rapport. I appreciate any help and input from the community here on the forums, and will look at getting involved with local deaf organisations when Covid finally takes a back seat. Thanks!
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