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  1. I work in a high school as a Pastoral Leader. I would love to share my skills with our students and also help the few deaf parents that we have, when they come into the school. So they feel welcomed and understood.
  2. Hello. My name is Ruth. I am 48yrs old. I work in a school as a Pastoral Leader. I did a BSL course at night college about 15yrs ago. I passed but was then unable to do level 2 due to the cost. Unfortunately I never go round to picking it up again. I wish I had as I would love to be able to share some skills with my students. We also have a few parents that are deaf and I would love to help them when they came in for meetings etc. I have just started this course and am only at section 4, but I am enjoying it. Really hope that I can stick with it this time.
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