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  1. Hi KatM. I associate the BSL vowels with a fun word guessing game played many years ago at a friend's birthday party. The leader said clue phrases while drawing mindlessly on the ground. (I later guessed correctly the spoken phrases were consonant clues and was able to guess many of the words without any vowel clues). I later learned not all the "ground drawing" was mindless as the vowels were disguised by tapping a stick on the ground....one tap = A, two taps = E, three taps = I, four taps = O, and five taps = U.
  2. To Leighanna and KatM and other fellow newbies: I knew ASL and BSL have different "dialects" for words and sentences, but only a few years ago did I learn ASL and BSL do not share the same fingerspelling alphabet! ASL uses a fingerspelling alphabet performed with one hand. Most of the ASL consonants resemble the letter (c, d, j, k, l, m, n, v, w, y, and z) which made it easier for me to memorize. A few of the vowels are that way also (i, o, and u). https://www.lifeprint.com/asl101/topics/wallpaper1.htm (ASL alphabet) BSL vowels are easily understood, if signed slowly to a BSL beginner (like me); the consonants will take time for me to learn. Enjoy your time learning BSL! SAMM
  3. Hi KatM. Thank you. Yes, I saw the BSL sentence form earlier when I was researching. ASL uses a slightly different sign for "love" with both arms crossed across one's chest. I had wondered if there was a one-hand BSL sign as in ASL. Leighanna (above) indicated the one-hand sign is the same in ASL and BSL. Have a good day. SAMM
  4. Great! So "I love you" is the same sign in BSL as in ASL! Thank you, Leighanna. Have a good day. SAMM
  5. Hello. I am from America and new to this site. I realize British Sign Language is unique from American Sign Language (ASL). ASL has a "one-hand" sign for "I Love You" which combines the letters I, L, and Y using the ASL alphabet. (Please see the link below which shows this ASL sign). Is there a "one-hand" sign British equivalent for "I Love You"? Thank you. SAMM https://www.lifeprint.com/asl101/topics/i_love_you.htm
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