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  1. Hey everyone, Wondering what the sign is for 'Writer' and 'Writing' - Is it the same as 'Author'? Thanks a tonne, Arti
  2. Hi Everyone! My name's Arti and I'm a writer (one day I'll say I'm a full time writer). I also work in marketing and sales on the side, plus anything else you can think of, I've probably tried to do haha (even farming...). Looking forward to getting to chat to people about the learning journey!
  3. Hi everyone! I'm learning BSL because I've always had an interest in being able to communicate with people. I've also got single sided deafness since birth and it's a weird middle ground between deaf and hearing but I've always wanted to be able to communicate with those who can't hear as when I was younger I worked in retail and the amount of times someone who's Deaf would shop and not be understood made me feel strange because I imagined their frustrations would be like mine but times 10.
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