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  1. Just signed up to refresh my BSL. I obtained my Level 1 BSL around 13 years ago and proudly passed with Distinction! I had fully intended to go on to Level 2 but became ill with M.E./CFS 10 years ago and never got round to it. My interest with signing began at a young age when I was introduced to basic signing in the Brownies. This gave me a great foundation and when I made the move from Primary teaching into teaching in special schools for children with severe learning difficulties, this foundation really helped as I learned Makaton - a simpler form of sign language which is a game changer for supporting communication skills for children with severe learning difficulties. It was while teaching that the opportunity arose to study for and sit my BSL Level 1. My BSL tutor was brilliant, and was also deaf so was able to give her BSL students a real insight into the deaf community. She had a brilliant sense of humour too, which made learning BSL even more fun. Although I'm still ill with M.E./CFS (and unlikely to recover), I have been in need of a challenge so building on existing skills seemed a good way to start. I think BSL should be taught in schools as a second language and the need for this could not be more apparent than in current times - especially with the growing use of face masks. Looking forward to finding out how much I have remembered and who knows, perhaps going on to take my Level 2 at some point.
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