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  1. Hi I am a beginner too! I am learning BSL to support me hopefully in a future career as a Doctor. Hope that is helpful!
  2. I am a hearing student, who aspires to become a doctor, I have been thinking how poor it is that Medics are not expected to be able to speak at least a basic level of sign. I am learning it because it will make me a more empathetic and caring doctor, more able to effectivley communicate with those around me in sign if they so choose. Hospitals are scary places and if someone can communicate with you even a bit to help you feel comfortable I think that is really important. I think it is a skill that I will teach my family and children one day too.
  3. Hi everyone, So I am currently a student and during the pandemic I realised how neccesary it was that we should be able to communicate with those around us regardless of how that may be!
  4. Hello! How are you? My name is Zoe, I Live in Birmingham, I am 18 Bye!
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