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  1. I am learning BSL as i want to be able to communicate with Deaf and deaf children well. My ambitions are to become and Nanny or work for special needs children. The reason i want to work in these roles is because i'm a very calm, nurturing and kind person which i think are good traits. that are needed. I am 16 years old and going to college this year. I will be taking childcare on a vocational course which means that i will be going to nurseries for placement. BSL will be useful for this because i could go to a nursery and be encountered by a deaf person and if no one else knows BSL, then that's when my kills will be handy.
  2. Hi my name is Imogen Farmer, I'm 16 years old and i have been wanting to learn sign language for the longest time now. In the future i would love to become a Nanny or look after children with special needs. I think learning sign language will be a great skill to have in my life to help with my future career. This is my first time ever looking at sign languge so obviously i am on the beginners course but i'm actually finding it quite easy and scoring really high on the assessments at the end of each part. People have always told me that i will be great working with special needs children as i am kind, caring, very patient, nurturing, a good role model and sensible. i think that BSL is an amazing thing that is so helpful for so many people and in my opinion very easy to learn and i think it is really going to help me in the future.
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