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  1. I am interested in learning languages and wanted to learn to sign. I would like to be more confident when meeting or working with Deaf people and able to communicate. Think it is important to keep learning new languages. BSL is really essential to learn and I feel everyone should understand it and learn it.
  2. Hi All My name is jean. I am a teacher and Have always been interested in learning sign language. I think we should all learn it at school.
  3. I think that is a wonderful reason for doing this course.
  4. I have just started the online course and had been meaning to do it for a while. I wanted to learn as I am a teacher and it is such a useful skill to have to be able to communicate more widely. I think I will be teaching my class to sign soon! Jean
  5. Hi Rubes123 I think thats great.. good luck at uni.
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