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  1. Hi Ellis, I have the next one booked for 24th October at 7pm so if you drop me your email I can forward you the zoom info. I’m new too so don’t worry!
  2. Hi Paula, I've organised a zoom meeting for Saturday evening at 7pm of you would like to join? Drop me an email at [email protected] and I’ll forward you the details x
  3. I’m so pleased there are a lot who would like to practice! I’ve had one email but anyone who is interested can you please email me so I can arrange a time for us to meet without putting it on the forum, unless you’re happy with that?
  4. Great! Just drop me an email and I’ll try to get some of us together to practice 🙂
  5. Great! Same feeling haha I went back to check I knew the sign for 'how' and turns out I'd gotten it wrong... do you want to send me an email and we can connect via zoom or something? [email protected] (work email but want to connect my BSL learning to this email)
  6. Hi everyone! I’m very new so just starting to learn all of the signs, but I wonder if anyone would like to have a regular meet maybe once a week to have a little practice is the signs we’ve learned? Thanks ☺️
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