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  1. Hello, My name is Katherine and I am currently an A-level student doing my EPQ project( similar to a dissertation) which discusses the question of 'should Deafness be treated as a disability or a difference?' My essay revolves around 4 topics: what is Deafness?, the medical/scientific view of deafness and the perception of ‘disability’, the views of the Deaf community (deaf history, deaf culture and threat of losing that culture eg cochlear implants) and the ethics of ‘treating’ and trying to cure Deafness ( looks at the cultural impacts of 'curing' deafness. However, in order to both complete my project and do it in a way that accurately reflects the views of the Deaf community I need to include the opinions of Deaf people but also hearing people connected to the Deaf community as well. It would be immensely helpful if anyone could reply to this and answer the questions below as soon as possible - ideally by September 15th 2020. Moreover, just to let you know that I will include your initials when quoting you during the essay- eg SR on a signlanaguge.com forum said "...…". Thank you for reading this and I hope to her some responses soon!! Questions 1) How does being Deaf impact your identity? ( is it a key part, is good/bad etc). 2) What are your opinions on the use of treatments/'cures' such as cochlear implants on Deaf individuals?(are they a positive/negative thing for the Deaf community, do people feel pressured to get them, do they eliminate the need for BSL and will therefore threaten the language into extinction) . 3) What does Deaf culture mean to you? 4) Do you believe Deafness is a disability or a difference? 5) Are there any other points that you believe I should include?
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