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  1. Hiya! My name's Louise, and I'm learning BSL as one of a number of different languages during lockdown. I tried a couple of different courses, but eventually found british-sign.co.uk, which is really brilliant. I'm three modules in and really enjoying it so far. I've been interested in learning BSL for years - I was signed up to do a course at an Adult Education centre many years ago, but they cancelled it before we could start and never rescheduled. I don't quite feel up to having a conversation in BSL with anyone just yet, but I've been demonstrating the signs to my partner and a couple of my friends, which has been helping them stick in my head. I don't know anyone who uses BSL normally, but I work in theatre, so I have come across a lot of BSL interpreters with shows, and I love watching them work. I'm excited that I might be able to understand a little more of what they're saying next time I watch them!
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