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  1. I'd be happy to join a What's App or Facebook group. I've finished the course and want to start using the language but am lost!
  2. Hi Steffani, I am also a nerd but I don't have quite the same interests as you. However, I am also looking for BSL buddies to practice with!
  3. Hi Ellie. What a great aim! I am also in education but for adults and I would also love to have as inclusive classroom as possible!
  4. Hi everyone. Nice to meet you all. There's such an interesting range of people here. At the moment I am overseas working as an assistant professor but I'll be coming back to the UK in the summer and I want to be able to communicate with any deaf people that I meet.
  5. Hi Dawn/Dolphin, Nice to meet you. Today I swam in the beach. I am new to BSL - this is my first time learning and I am not good yet.
  6. Hello everyone, I am new to BSL and have just finished the online course. I feel like I've learnt lots of vocab but don't know if I am signing it correctly and don't know how to create sentences! I would love to sign with others.
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