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  1. Hi everyone! My name is Hayley. I'm just restarting my BSL course, I started at the beginning of the lockdown here, genuinely thinking I would be furloughed and have heaps of time....I didn't get furloughed! So now I stay late once a week at work to get some learning done before my fitness class. I've always wanted to learn BSL and I have a friend who teaches me bit (usually swearing) whenever I see her. It's something that has always interested me and I think could be useful in life. I work in a school so it could be useful there.....or I could teach my fiance the sign for 'vodka and slimline tonic please' so he know what I want to drink in a loud bar! I am struggling to keep all the things I've learnt in my brain but I think using it more would help so I am trying to use the signs I know when I talk. Hopefully that will cement them in my mind a bit better!
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