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  1. Hi community! I've always been fascinated by sign language. I'm a native Catalan speaker, studied language and literature at university and now teach English as a second language. It was always something I wanted to do some day but that day never came... Then I met this girl... She taught me a few signs, I became more curious, started looking things up, a year went by and we became girlfriends. I want to become fluent so that she can have conversations with me at home without having to wear her aids if she feels like that I wanted to do a proper face-to-face course but - covid - so, here I am...doing an online course and having long afternoon one-to-one sessions with my very patient gf
  2. Hi community! My name is Judit, I am a hearing person and I am completely new to BSL. I am a native Catalan speaker and an ESL teacher living in London at the moment. I love linguistics and learning sign language has always been a goal of mine that kept being pushed off becasue of life. Now I have the perfect excuse to stop doing that becasue I'm in love with a wonderful person who is deaf and is very patiently teaching me the basics of a language she only learnt herself a few years ago. I want to become fluent to be able to sign with her about our day when she gets home and is tired of wearing her hearing aids :-) Wish me good luck!
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