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  1. Love this - what a twist on perception and so true. I wish BSL was taught in schools!
  2. Hi Natalie, I really admire you training to be a midwife. The midwives I had with my daughter were incredible! Are you on a BSL course? I'm doing level 1. Laura
  3. Hi Debbie, How far have you got with your learning? Are you enjoying it as much as I am? It's fascinating! Laura
  4. Hi everyone, I am thrilled to have found this site. It was recommended by a classmate on my BSL course. I am loving the finger spell game and would love to practise my signing. I have only completed 101 so am very much a beginner but I am keen to get signing. I guess it's like learning a foreign language, the more you emerse yourself in it, the more confident you become. I haven't quite figured out how this site works yet but would be great to arrange some chats! Laura
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