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  1. Sign language interested me ever since I saw Mr Tumble on TV as a kid 😂 I love learning languages, and I've kept meaning to actually learn BSL for a few years now. I've found it hard just using youtube and learning random words, and not having anyone to practise with, so I kept losing motivation. One video pointed out how much more difficult masks make it for deaf and hard of hearing people to understand what other people are saying, removing the option of lipreading, so now is a great time to learn. I then found out about british-sign beginners course, so that sets out the structure I needed. Basically everything came together, and now I'm finally here learning!
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    Hi everyone! I'm a hearing person, and I'm currently in my final year of a maths degree. While I've picked up a few random signs in the past, I'm now taking the British-sign beginner course, so I can put more effort into learning BSL, in a structured way. I've wanted to learn BSL for quite a while, and now I've got the time and resources for it! Looking forward to learning to sign with you all!
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