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  1. Thanks Sadaqat....."temperature"! Thanks!
  2. Thats fab! Thanks MattK. I'll do that.... Thanks for your support!
  3. Thanks Emma for helping me! The symbols are also great! Do you know how to say temperature?!! Thanks again!
  4. Embarrassingly I have found some signs at the end of topic 7! I was too impatient! But feel free to sign "weather presenter" and temperature please as they are not included and I'd love to sign some forecasts! Thanks
  5. Hello. I am a weather presenter for ITV and have always wanted to learn BSL. I can remember learning finger spelling when I was in my teens and I still know it! I'm on topic 7 of the BSL course, but would love start using it more on a day to day basis. I cant seem to find signs that relate to my job! In particular, I havent yet found out how to sign "weather presenter" or any of the weather conditions like sun, rain, wind, temperature. Can anyone direct me to a topic in the BSL that can help please? Thanks - and I hope the sun is shining where you are! Sophia
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