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  1. Does anyone know of any resources for signing Ring a Rosies? I've checked google, Youtube and Instagram and all I can find is Makaton.
  2. Hi all, my Mum and I are learning BSL together and using this course. My younger brother had delayed speech when he was really young and Makaton was amazing for communication. It's always been something we wanted to learn but we've now committed. Every week we aim to video call each other and learn together giving ourselves homework and challenges, it's great and we're already starting to recognise some signs in other conversations. We've just finished learning the signs for different animals on the course. I'm looking forward to finishing the course and moving on to more complicated sentence structures because currently, I do't know how to structure sentences correctly. I'm hoping to use this form as a means of further explanation and finding new signs because sometimes I think Google can be a bit scarce. Good luck to everyone else on the course and who's on their journey of learning BSL.
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