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  1. Hi, my name is George and I am doing BSL for my Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award. I chose to do BSL as I believe that it is an extremely useful skill to have that could open the door for possible future careers. Another main reason I have chosen to learn BSL is because I am very communicative and someone who loves interacting with others and I have found that BSL has already enhanced my ability further to communicate with those that are deaf. I also find learning new things interesting and enjoyable, whilst at the same time they are bringing new benefits for me.
  2. Hello my name is George, I am 15 years old and I would definitely describe myself as a people person. I have been learning BSL for around 4 weeks now and so far I have really enjoyed it; I am getting the hang of it quite quickly! Much more learning and practice to go though! For anyone that was thinking of learning BSL, I would strongly recommend it as it is such a useful skill to have.
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