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  1. Hi Steffani, I am ARMY 💜 and would be happy to chat about K-Pop with you! none of my friends are into it as much as me haha. I am also at the beginner stage of learning Korean, using Duolingo and Mondly. Viv
  2. One of my jobs is an education support worker for university students affected by various disabilities. Supporting a hearing impaired student was actually what pushed me to start learning BSL. I was so impressed watching her interpreters. Another job of mine, before lockdown, was a theatre usher. I really miss it, especially working behind the bar. What is the sign for that as well? Thanks!!
  3. Hi I'm Viv and I work in Education Support. I've always been interested in learning BSL and I'm also currently learning Korean for the first time and improving my French which I did at school. I suppose languages are my new hobby?
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