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  1. Thank you for taking time to reply to my question. It sad because many don't see Dyslexia as a disability. I will have to learn to finger spell it. I don't want to let it hold be back from trying to help people.
  2. I am relearning BSL as have forgotten so much, as It's a lot harder than l remember form 30 Years ago. But that was a short night school introduction course. I have so much still to learn. It's a very expressive language that in a ideal world would be available as a language at school. As a dental nurse a want to be able to communicate better with all my patients. Finger spelling is very hard for my as I am Dyslexic. But l still want to learn and be helpful. How can I say l am Dyslexic in sign. Or do I have to finger spell it. Thanks for any advice.
  3. Hi, your article sounds interesting. I am trying to learn BSL again after learning some over 30 years ago, but sadly not used regularly since. I'm not deaf but work as a dental nurse, we have a new deaf patient and I wanted them to feel relaxed and safe, so used the very little signs I remembered. Covid made it much harder due to face covering. But they thanked me for trying. That inspired me to try and relearn.
  4. Hi, I last signed over 30 years ago and sadly not used since. I am a dental nurse and want to improve to help communicate will a new patient. I am dyslexic so find finger spelling hard. But l am not letting it hold me back from learning or trying to help.
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