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  1. Hey! I watch the occasional k drama and I do enjoy them! Just finished start up on Netflix and loved that! X
  2. Oh cool! What sort of practice are you in!? Thank you! So excited! 😁X
  3. Thanks for the responses guys! I don't really know how to get around this forum for replying but add me on Facebook? I'm super new on the course (up to learning animals!) But would love it if we can help each other? It's steffani Webster if you search me 😘
  4. Hey! Vet nurse here too hoping to be able to help with clients with hearing impairments too. Once I've completed this course I will be looking for a more medical themed signing course!
  5. Hello!! My name is Steffani, I am 26 and in Lancashire. I've just started learning BSL and would love to try and get to know people with similar interests so we can be BSL friends I listen to K-pop, I am a veterinary nurse and a pet blood bank donor assistant (starting this weekend eeekk!!) Total nerd, love binge watching tv shows. I have a Dalmatian and a cat! Hopefully I will hear some people soon x
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