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  1. Hi Rob, Thanks for the response! That sounds ideal to our situation and we would greatly appreciate if you could provide these help sheets for us. We feel we are doubting ourselves almost every time we attempt to create a sentence so any resources will be helpful. Thank you once again.
  2. Hi everyone, My friend and I are currently learning BSL from the beginning. We have no previous background knowledge to any sign language, and are currently struggling in Level 1 as we believe we do not fully understand the overall sentence structure ruling.. We are currently on topic 7 called: Timelines & Tenses, Time, Money, Calendar Here are the two phrases that we are stuck on (English first, then BSL) : See you this afternoon = This afternoon see you Tomorrow I am going on holiday = Tomorrow I go holiday If anyone has any information on any basic learner sentence structure for us to follow, please could you describe it in response to this. We feel we are struggling with some of the topics as we find ourselves questioning why some sentences are structured differently to others. Thanks in advance, Adam
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