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  1. Thank you so much Keiran. I am on a level 1 course but struggling at the moment. I am determined to complete it and grateful for any practice sessions. I liked the music, it will definitely help me with my finger spelling. Can you provide me with the details of the cd. Thank you again and I hope to improve and come back to talk again. Have a good evening. Regards Michael
  2. Does anyone enter the practice rooms? Everytime I come on here there's no one in them.
  3. Hi, my name Michael I have wanted to learn BSL for sometime now. For what reason I really don't know apart I have seen people communicate in BSL and have been fascinated. Years later I booked myself on a basic course. Now I am the slowest learner in the world and I can not remember anything once taught but I managed to remember the some things, wow!!!. I heard people on the course enquiring about doing Level 1 in BSL and said to myself noway. It is now February 2021 and guess what? I am on a Level 1 course. I will never trust myself again ;-). I am enjoying it though but it's s
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