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  1. Hello 👋 Just dropping in to say "hey" and introduce myself. My name is Graham. I'm a 40 year old husband and father of one (soon to be two) boy(s). Born in Lincoln, but settled in Manchester after living a greta many places in-between. I'm currently taking british-sign's 'Introduction to BSL' course, with aspirations of continuing to learn BSL after that.
  2. Hello 👋 Just wanted to drop a quick message on here about why I am learning BSL. There are a few reasons, so bear with me. Firstly, I have always been fascinated with languages. I spent some time growing up in Germany and Holland and learning languages is something I really like. I wish I was more focussed, though, as my learning tends to be broad rather than deep (not ideal for languages). What amazes me, too, is that there are ten indigenous languages in the British Isles, of which BSL is one. Being able to communicate with anyone and everyone who I live alongside is the dream. Secondly, my mum and sister are both level 2 certified. Being able to understand the signs they through at me randomly, or understanding what they are talking about between them, would be a big help!
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