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  1. I am doing this course as a refresher but I originally studied BSL 20yrs ago because I think it is a language we should all know in the UK. I have used it with customers in previous work and hope to use it with and Deaf customers that come into the Library where I work.
  2. Hi all, I am doing the BSL Intro course as a refresher as it has been a little over 20years since I studied BSL. As a teenager I saw a documentary about some Deaf children in high school and thought how wrong it was that I was taught French to speak to people in another country but not taught BSL to be able to speak to Deaf people in my country. It stuck with me and after University I enrolled in a course and used it in a job I had at a FE College. I'm very out of practice but it is coming back to me! I now work at a Library and again feel it is necessary to be inclusive to our community.
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