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  1. Hi Hannah It is great to meet you. My name is Julet Findlay. I am also learning sign language. Would it be possible if we can practice? Juliet
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    Hi I am interested in practicing my BSL. My name is Juliet Findlay.I am doing basic level 1
  3. Hi my name is Juliet Findlay and I am almost finished the introductory BSL course. I would like to know if receive for this. Juliet
  4. It would be also be great to practice with other people here as well. I am looking forward to meeting others here.
  5. Hi My name is juliet Findlay. I have decided to sign because I am interested in gaining new skills and learning a new language.It is also a challenge. In these challenging times he have a top to the new normal and also support those who are struggling.
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