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  1. I have had a problem with Part Three on the online course, and it prevented me from moving on to the next stage. I wanted to clear each level sequentially. I became discouraged about having to learn a whole range of occupations and locations, and was disappointed that "retired" was not included among them. By now I think it would be WORK+ME+NO or something like that. Also, no offense, but I'm not likely to have to use Carlisle or Teaching Assistant very often - and my home city (Belfast) isn't included. After several months of procrastination, I'm delighted that this evening I eventually scored 95% on Level 3, and am able to move on to the next level. Just a thought for other participant learners. Here's hoping I'll get to the end and be able to undertake
  2. That's always a challenge Claudette. I'm lucky I have m y daighter who is also learning BSL, but it can be a slow process. Good luck.
  3. Hello everyone. I started to learn BSL about one year ago using the BSC course. However, I lapsed! - and now I'm back, more serious than the last time. I'm a 73 y.o. Irishman who has retired from lots of things, but still kept a few on the go. I am faced with profound hearing loss - and it's not going to improve. I have a rather rare genetic condition that gifted me with "early hearing loss" - in retrospect from around my mid-thirties. I'm eager to become part of the BSL community. Hoping to make some new contacts also ... Gerry Finnegan
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