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  1. I decided to learn BSL as a way of making my services as a Pagan Chaplain more accessible. I am disabled due to mobility and understand the difference accessibility makes for me. I recognise that deafness is not a disability but rather a different ability and therefore would like to make myself more accessible to others. I feel I am already fairly comfortable with fingerspelling and numbers. Slowly trying to learn more and really enjoy trying to find associations for the signs to the words they stand for in order to help me remember.
  2. Hello everyone, My name is Sarah and I am from Manchester England. I decided to start learning BSL to ensure I can communicate with any Deaf or Hard of Hearing person I may meet. As a disabled woman myself, I understand the need to feel included and therefore feel it is important to learn to communicate with people as easily as possible. I am part of an active Pagan community and am currently part of the Greater Manchester Witches and Pagans Chaplaincy, I am hoping that knowing some basic BSL will assist in making our services as Chaplains more accessible to all areas of our community.
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