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  1. We're all the same Rachel which is why this is a good place. I tried getting someone to learn with me so we could practice but no interest. And Lisa, I'm the same. I want to be able to talk to everyone I can. Both videos really good. At least we can do it safely here and critique without insults
  2. I've only just started this week so it's fresh in my mind. Might start forgetting some as I do more lol. But watching a programme I'll try do signs for things I've done or pick random words to fingerspell. At work I keep showing other's how to do some as well as family. They're already sick of me 😂
  3. And completely forgot I put where I live in conversation title lol. Ah well, more practice
  4. Definitely practice makes perfect! I'm nearly halfway through the introduction to BSL but this looks like a really good place to practice. Friendly :). Hate the webcam but it won't let me upload better video from phone. Don't know how to delete this one now I've recorded it. I will get used to where I am eventually lol
  5. I am vey new to BSL but have always wanted to learn. I love meeting people and learning about them so this will help me meet more people. I have a functional disability along with non epileptic seizures, and I know how it feels to be excluded because of something different. The shop where I work does not have anyone who can sign, so I am wanting to change that too seeing as they want to be more inclusive and as they took a chance on me, I decided to be proactive. This is me introducing myself a little. I know I need to work on facial expressions. Please critique (I know I add an extra vowel to my name as well, but I'm nervous)
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