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  1. Hello, My name is Tiger-Lily and I have decided to learn BSL as I think it's a fantastic skill to have and it allows me to open up to others who use sign language to communicate. I work in a Pre-school/Nursery setting where I have a child in my key group who is hearing but has deaf parents. Although the child can hear, she mainly lip reads and uses some basic signs to communicate her needs. As a complete beginner I thought it was necessary to complete a course on BSL to support this child more and any other children who may need this input from myself in the future. I also wanted to learn BSL to enable myself to have stronger and more efficient communication with the child's parents instead of using a hand-over book as I want to create a stronger relationship with them and it would be more inclusive. I am really enjoying learning this new skill, and have already been able to use a few of the signs that I have learnt when I'm at work and I can already see the impact it's having on the child and her parents which really warms my heart.
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