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  1. I am the Intention Coach (health coach and performance artist). Essentially I teach embodiment through meditation, yoga, performing, massage therapy and exercise. With embodiment in mind, I am quickly learning that BSL isn’t just a langue, it’s a form of therapy and I’m only a few lessons in but it feels amazing to connect with langue and communicate in such a way I’m going to be taking a year-long vow of silence from October 2021-2022, but during this time I wanted to ensure that I could still express how I felt etc… So I decided what better way that to learn sign language!
  2. I am taking a year-long Vow of Silence beginning on 8th October 2021 - 7th October 2022 and felt like I wanted to learn another, non vocal way of communicating. So I decided on learning BSL. Hopefully I can integrate into a BSL community during this time so that I do not feel “isolated” during this time. I absolutely LOVE this language and the course material is amazing! Thank you!
  3. Amazing David thank you for the invite … what day do you hold this zoom on? I would love to join
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