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  1. Hi, I'm Lucy I don't really know what to put here other than I'm learning BSL as its the only other language I've ever been interested in. I'm really Dyslexic and it just seems to click with my brian (<I'm leaving brain like that just because) in a way no other language does. Everyone says that French is so romantic or whatever (no dis to the French) but why not learn one of the most expressive and animated language where you can literally dance with your hands. Its phenomenal. Why learn a language to a place I've never been to and never really plan on going to when there's a huge community of people in my own country that I could be communicating with but can't? Out of what? Lack of education? Ignorance? I've come in contact with many more people in the Deaf community than any other language. I dunno, maybe that makes me sound ignorant in its own right, but I want to change that. And I'm starting here. Soooo hi.
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