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  1. Hello This is a great site with some interesting people. Please can anyone recommend a native BSL tutor who lives in London available now with reasonable rates. I'm preparing to resit my Level 1, 103 assessment and want to make sure I pass so I can progress to the next level. I prefer face to face tuition to on line as my computer isn't the greatest I don't mind travelling or meeting in a casual place like a cafe or library Appreciate your help. Thank you Tina😀
  2. Hiyah Everyone Please help me as I'm new to this website. I registered and wanted to join the chatrooms as a beginner to practice my BSL and meet likeminded people. I join a chat room and can see myself on camera but I can't see any of the other members in the chat room, although is shows 3 and also my name is added. Where am I going wrong? Many thanks Tina Morgan
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