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  1. Hi! I am currently completing the british-sign.co.uk course in BSL. I am aware it is a basic course and for beginners (which I currently am!) but I was wondering if anyone has any advice on courses/qualifications I can look into once I have completed this one. At the moment I am just enjoying learning, but as I am fresh out of uni and evaluating all my career choices, I would really love the opportunity to keep expanding my BSL skills to help me in the workplace/potentially start a career from knowing it, so if anyone has any advice (as I have no idea where to start) I would really appreciate
  2. I graduated university during last years lockdown, and as someone who is hard of hearing in one ear BSL has always been something I've been interested in learning. As I've had a lot of free time since leaving uni (graduate job hunt is hard at the moment!!), I'm focusing my efforts into becoming as skilled as I can be in BSL. I really enjoy it and I hope that it might open up a new career path for me. Though, I am a newbie to it, so any tips, tricks and help you can send my way would be really appreciated!
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