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  1. Hi Cath, This was quite a long time ago, and you've probably made a lot of progress by now. But I'm a beginner and I don't have any experience practising yet, so if you've found/created a group to practice with then I'd love the chance to follow along. Oli
  2. Hi Adam, I didn't know what Makaton was, and I've just gone down a research rabbit-hole... really interesting stuff!
  3. Hi Sarah, Rather than create a topic of my own, I thought I would reply to your message as it's the latest one published. I'm Oli, I live in London and I have just got to week 3 of a BSL course, so I'm a real newbie too. I am a language geek who quite enjoys learning in their free time, and I thought that by learning BSL I might also be able to contribute meaningfully to the community and hopefully give some of my time to support the hearing impaired in any way I can. It's a very interesting challenge so far, I'm looking forward to getting to the level where I can parti
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