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  1. Hello, I was just trying to find out if there were any beginners on the Isle of Wight. I was thinking of starting up a local group as there doesn't seem to be anything on the isalnd. I shall look forward to hearing from you.🙂 Sam
  2. hello is anyone using the beginners chat room yet? Sam
  3. Hi, group chat good idea. What is discord? I am fully hearing but always had an interest in BSL and final got round to beginning to learn. Bit slow going as have to fit it in around work & home life.
  4. Hi, maybe we can practice together. What area are you?
  5. Hi Danni, that would be great. I’m not doing to bad on finger spelling and I’m up to animals on the introduction course. This week I’m on late shifts but should be available at the weekend if you’re around. cam x
  6. Hi Kerri, I’m just starting to learn BSL, maybe we could chat some time.
  7. Hello Steph, I’m also new to BSL, I’ve also wanted to learn for sometime. I am enjoying the beginners course to sign. What furry friend is hiding behind you? cam x
  8. Hello, does anyone use the beginners video chat. I would be grateful of someone to practice with please. I cannot commit to a regular day/ time due to work but willing to arrange something.
  9. Hello, I’m new to learning sign language, I am enjoying this course so far & will be looking for someone to chat with. I live on the Isle of Wight. Mother to one 10 year old and 2 crazy kittens. I enjoy walking, hobby photography and crochet.
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