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  1. 👍 A good practice session. Thank you.
  2. Yes, see you in the chat room
  3. Are you still on line? (time is approx. 14.00 on Sunday) I am available to attempt a virtual chat - my apologies in advance if I get it all wrong! Should we try to enter the Beginners Chat Room now or at, say, 14.30. If this is not convenient could you say when would be.
  4. Sorry I didn't look at the site until late on Friday. Can we try to agree some time on Sunday or perhaps one evening next week. I presume we can both "enter" a Beginners Chat Room at an agreed day and time and see how we get on.
  5. Hi Claudette, I have also recently started learning BSL online. Having to go over and over the signs and "grammar" but it is slowly sinking in. Like you, I don't have anyone to practice with and when ever I have looked at the Chat Room there never seems to be anyone there (I am not sure I know how the system works to be honest). I would be game to try meeting virtually to practice.
  6. Hi Danny. Good luck with this. Like you I am very new to BSL and, as Wendy says, doing regular fingerspelling games seems to help pick up the alphabet. I have found constant repetition of the "vocabulary" is gradually getting through. I haven't tried the chat rooms to practice with other people yet. Everyone would need to sign VERY slowly.
  7. Like many folk I find myself starting to learn BSL too late in life. I have been deaf in one ear for 50 years but still didn't do anything about learning BSL! Unfortunately as a (rare) consequence of major surgery I have now been left with no voice - or at best a soft whisper - so, for instance, talking to my wife in a busy restaurant is impossible. We have both started trying to learn BSL - it is very slow, but that may be an age thing!!!! Keep reminding myself that climbing a mountain is a sequence of small steps...so here goes.
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