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  1. Hi Danny. Good luck with this. Like you I am very new to BSL and, as Wendy says, doing regular fingerspelling games seems to help pick up the alphabet. I have found constant repetition of the "vocabulary" is gradually getting through. I haven't tried the chat rooms to practice with other people yet. Everyone would need to sign VERY slowly.
  2. Like many folk I find myself starting to learn BSL too late in life. I have been deaf in one ear for 50 years but still didn't do anything about learning BSL! Unfortunately as a (rare) consequence of major surgery I have now been left with no voice - or at best a soft whisper - so, for instance, talking to my wife in a busy restaurant is impossible. We have both started trying to learn BSL - it is very slow, but that may be an age thing!!!! Keep reminding myself that climbing a mountain is a sequence of small steps...so here goes.
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