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  1. This course was a godsend, having very few funds to speak of and this course offering the option to 'pay what you can' during covid meant everything. Myself and my Mum both registered for the course (my mum actually paid more than the recommended amount for both of us) but anyway, my question is where can i go from here? I notice the levels of certification and that the certificaiton of this course doesn't mention a level - so I assume i'm not any level! I have a deaf nephew, who has cochlear implants from the age of 1 but hated his hearing henry band, and has hated the implants and attachments every since - so we know BSL to be his first language. He's at an age where he's beginning to sign for things, but learing a language is difficult and i'd like to be ready to hear, understand and communicate properly with him when he's able to. before that point, being able to teach him signs and furthering his education is also something that i'm eager to be able to do. As i said, money is tight, as it is with most people are the moment so i was wondering if there were any more CPD certified courses that will allow me to learn at my pace, learn remotely and complete assessments remotely with very little cost. Any help appreciated
  2. Don’t be shy! It’s more difficult in front of a camera because it’s reversed image, so try to not watch yourself do it, that may help. it helped me!
  3. Hello all, I started learning BSL when my nephew was born with 3 deformities in each ear (very rare). he had cochlear implants aged 1 that were slowly turned up over 6 months but he wasn't fond of them, and the data was inconclusive as to whether they were working properly. I also noted that L (Nephew) was struggling to figure out where sounds were coming from in busy places. Anyway, we realised his first language would be BSL so i started learning just about a year ago - getting there slowly. I have to agree with SamDeSimone - i'm also learning so much and also find the language incredibly fascinating Sign Language i Love
  4. Hello Name me what? S-A-R-A Age me what? 32 Live me where? England
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