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  1. I work for a very small company called Immersive Hollywood, and we're looking at using motion capture suits for some of our services. The suits include gloves, and are good enough to (somewhat) accurately record sign languages. As part of the showreel I'm putting together for our website, I thought it would be nice to start it off by having a 3D character sign 'Hello! Welcome to Immersive Hollywood' in BSL. Except... 'Immersive Hollywood' is enough of a mouthful when spoken, and would be an absolute nightmare for me (a newbie as far as BSL goes) to fingerspell in its entirety, especially for what's meant to be a short clip. I thought about maybe shortening it to 'I M M H W' as this video would only be for our website, which has the full company name plastered everywhere? But I don't know if there's maybe already syntax around company name signs, and I've also read that it's insensitive for people who aren't a part of the d/Deaf community to pick their own name signs (admittedly, it was talking about people's names, but I'd rather ask for advice here than make any assumptions).
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