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  1. Nice to meet you, do you live in a pineapple under the sea ? Good luck with your course.
  2. Covid has made me realise how difficult it must be for deaf people to communicate while everyone is wearing masks, i can barely hear what people are saying through them but for people who rely on lip reading it must be impossible. I think it’s so important for people to learn at least the basics of BSL so dear people don’t feel isolated.
  3. Suze


    Hi and Merry Christmas to everyone ! My name is Sue, i started my online course yesterday. I started learning BSL years ago, before my children and have forgotten a great deal so feel like I’m starting from scratch! good luck to you all with your course and well done! Sue
  4. Hi Amy, i have only just started my course, I started learning a long time ago before I had children but have forgotten a lot! good luck with your course, message me whenever you like. sue 😊
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