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  1. I think it would be great if at some point the London Newbies get together! I find that I've learnt the signs for the lessons, and can pass the tests, but when I watch videos of other people signing on here, I get lost very quickly - and hopefully meeting people can help!
  2. I'm absolutely loving it so far! After I finish a lesson I go to my parents/boyfriend saying: ... give me a colour/city/country/job!!! and then proceed to sign what they say. In less than two weeks I feel like I've learnt so much
  3. Hi everyone, My name is Fran. I've made learning BSL my 2022 New Years Resolution. I've not really met anyone learning/needing to use BSL to communicate, so it's really been a solo effort to try and learn something new! I hope that one day, with a bit more confidence I might be able to organise the occasional BSL weekend coffee morning in North-West London area, where new learners (like me) and more experienced people might be able to get together and help each other develop their BSL skills as well as work towards making awareness of BSL in the community.. and maybe even make some friends!! But I've got a few more lessons to learn first!
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