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Niamh Eager

Introducing myself

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Hi, my name is Niamh (Neve) and I'm 20 years old student. I taught myself sign language when I was 8 however, I forgot it over time and given the current situation like a lot of people I thought I would learn in again. I would love if anyone would like to practice with me and kinda cheer each other on to complete everything :) let me know!!! 

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Hello Niamh 

I am 19 years old and learning BSL, I've been deferred from my work due to the current situation. Would love to practice BSL with someone. I am doing an online course and still very new, I've learnt names, weather, general greetings, basic time and numbers. 


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On 05/04/2020 at 10:05, Niamh Eager said:

Hi Molly, 

I've been allowed to automatically move on to the next year of my studies, luckily. Would love to practise with you!!


Hi Niamh 

Just wondering if you are still looking for someone to practice with?


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