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Looking to improve my BSL

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My name is Emma and I am Level 3 qualified in BSL... I passed my exam 6 years ago but to be honest have hardly used it since.  I'm not starting to think about putting it to good use, but have no idea where to start.  

I struggle with confidence and feel that I would need to start back at the beginning before I could put myself up for work.  Does anyone out there have any advice on how I could build on this?  Also thoughts on the best way to get in to work, and how I can improve my BSL/English translation, placement etc...

Any thoughts/advice would be really welcomed.

Many thanks



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It might be worth looking at some Level 2 videos )loads on Youtube) and see how much you remember before going right back to the beginning. If that's too hard, then look at some Level 1s instead.

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