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Hi everyone, my name is Elena, an Italian linving in the UK since 1992. Wow that sounds like a long time!

I'm 46 and have been interested in languages ever since I can remember. I speak Italian, French and English fluently, and have a smattering of other languages. I consider it a personal fault if I am not able to communicate with someone...

I don't have any regular contact with anyone who is Deaf or hard of hearing, but have had incidents throughout my life, which have kept my curiosity alive.

I also know a few families with one or more members who have a learning disability and use some Makaton to help them communicate.  It was interesting to learn that Makaton is derived from BSL.

I have a couple of friends who are learning BSL as a hobby, my daughter and I also have great fun trying to sign along with YouTube songs, and trying to learn some words that way.

I have been wanting to learn BSL properly for a while, and I've finally taken the plunge - so here I am

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