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Hi I’m Keli,

I’m 19 years old And have a younger brother who has a non-cancerous tumour in his ear. Although not cancerous it constantly grows and can cause meningitis of the brain. Every couple of years he requires an operation which like any has got serious risks and has already caused him to become partially deaf in one ear, however he can still hear and communicate well. I decided to learn sign language for two reasons, my brothers possibility of becoming deaf is one of them. Other reasons are because I feel it can be so rewarding to be able to communicate with people in the form of BSL, I think it is an amazing language that does not discriminate in the sense other people with communication difficulties can also use it as well as those who are hard of hearing or deaf. I also work in a shop where I feel it would be useful, but not only there in everyday life. I personally feel children should learn this in school because I feel it can be so beneficial to everyone and is such a rewarding thing! Happy learning everyone ;) 

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