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Hi I’m Keli,

I’m 19 years old And have a younger brother who has a non-cancerous tumour in his ear. Although not cancerous it constantly grows and can cause meningitis of the brain. Every couple of years he requires an operation which like any has got serious risks and has already caused him to become partially deaf in one ear, however he can still hear and communicate well. I decided to learn sign language for two reasons, my brothers possibility of becoming deaf is one of them. Other reasons are because I feel it can be so rewarding to be able to communicate with people in the form of BSL, I think it is an amazing language that does not discriminate in the sense other people with communication difficulties can also use it as well as those who are hard of hearing or deaf. I also work in a shop where I feel it would be useful, but not only there in everyday life. I personally feel children should learn this in school because I feel it can be so beneficial to everyone and is such a rewarding thing! Happy learning everyone ;) 

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    • Hi Everyone! I'm a dancer and dance teacher hoping to make my classes accessible and available to anyone who wants to dance so I think that learning sign language would be a good way to help that! If there is anyone else on here in the dance industry let me know :)
    • I am a future English teacher and I also have a few deaf friends so it’s nice to communicate with them
    • Hello everyone, my name is Natalie and I am hoping to become a student midwife next year and have always wanted to learn BSL and thought this would be a great time to learn to help me be able to support all the women and birthing people I have the privilege of caring for.
    • Hello! My name is Shannon and I'm 22. I am starting a job as a support worker and believe that BSL would be a very useful skill. I have completed the introductory course and am looking to practice signs and become more fluent. If you have a study group/chat and wouldn't mind an extra member or would like a BSL study buddy, please let me know. Thanks
    • Hello! My name is Charlie, I live in Northern Ireland and I'm 24. I've wanted to learn sign language for a while now and finally started this course during lockdown, I'm excited to learn more!
    • Hello Everyone!  I have always wanted to learn to sign as I am hard of hearing and have spent many years missing conversations and learning to read lips.  I now work in a shop and we have several BSL users coming in and I so want to be able to sign with them!    Looking forward to learning to sign with people :-)
    • Hi. My name is Alan. I live in Northern Ireland, I am over 60 and have decided to learn sign language. I am very hard of hearing but can hear quite well with the aid of hearing devices. I'm looking forward to enjoying your conversations.   Alan.
    • Hi,  my name is Gosia. I work as a teaching assistant in a primary school. I'd like to learn BSL because we use it at school and it'd love to be able to communicate with all the children. 
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