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Hello - I'm Back!

Monty McShane

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Hello Folks,

It's been a while since I've been here so thought I'd re-introduce myself.  

My name is Monty, I'm in Hertfordshire and have BSL level 2.  As with most people, with the lock down I am a) stuck indoors and b) trying to do something usefull.

If you are about at 8pm in the evenings and want to practice your BSL chat via the video chat, I am about!  You can be brand new to it or level one and I will be super kind to you.  You can be level 2 or above and you can be super kind to me!  The important thing is, we are all hear to learn and sometimes the best way to cement your knowledge is to share it.

I've done a video so you can see what level I am at.

Anyway, if you want to practice, here I am!

Stay safe and stay indoors to be a legend and save lives 






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