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Hi, i'm Martin

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Hi, i'm Martin.  I work for Warwickshire College Group and deliver the Prince's Trust Team Programme to Leamington Spa and surrounding areas.  I am the team leader and should currently be running a team of approximately 14 young people aged between 16-25 and  would run for 12 weeks, 

The course is a varied mix of team building activities including,  Money management, Community Project , Work experience,CV writing and Job applications, 4 Day Residential experience, Building confidence and Preparing for employment.
As a lead into looking at the attachments, the outline of the course is as follows:
  • 12 week programme
  • 16-25 yr students
  • Mon-Fri
  • 09.30hrs - 16.30hrs
  • Total of 6 weeks in 'Team room'
  • Total of 6 weeks in the surrounding community
  • Qualification gained - Prince's Trust Lv 1 - Employment, Teamwork & Community Skills
  • Qualification gained - Edexcel Lv 1 - Personal & Social Development         

Currently my team is on hold as it was due to start April 6th, So i am using this time to fine tune my course and it's content, creating new resources, designing new team building and stem activities so I will be ready to start my new team as soon as the schools and colleges can re-start back.

I have a young girl on my next team who was born deaf and although she uses cochlear implants and we have discussed how we can assist her, especially during residential and in a busy teaching room, It made me think what would be worthwhile to do to enhance my classes for the future and decided that learning BSL would be a really usefull skill to learn for me, my future teams and warwickshire college as a learning facility, So here I am. :)

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