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Hi, i'm Martin.  I work for Warwickshire College Group and deliver the Prince's Trust Team Programme to Leamington Spa and surrounding areas.  I am the team leader and should currently be running a team of approximately 14 young people aged between 16-25 and  would run for 12 weeks, 

The course is a varied mix of team building activities including,  Money management, Community Project , Work experience,CV writing and Job applications, 4 Day Residential experience, Building confidence and Preparing for employment.
As a lead into looking at the attachments, the outline of the course is as follows:
  • 12 week programme
  • 16-25 yr students
  • Mon-Fri
  • 09.30hrs - 16.30hrs
  • Total of 6 weeks in 'Team room'
  • Total of 6 weeks in the surrounding community
  • Qualification gained - Prince's Trust Lv 1 - Employment, Teamwork & Community Skills
  • Qualification gained - Edexcel Lv 1 - Personal & Social Development         

Currently my team is on hold as it was due to start April 6th, So i am using this time to fine tune my course and it's content, creating new resources, designing new team building and stem activities so I will be ready to start my new team as soon as the schools and colleges can re-start back.

I have a young girl on my next team who was born deaf and although she uses cochlear implants and we have discussed how we can assist her, especially during residential and in a busy teaching room, It made me think what would be worthwhile to do to enhance my classes for the future and decided that learning BSL would be a really usefull skill to learn for me, my future teams and warwickshire college as a learning facility, So here I am. :)

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    • Hello Everyone I am Marion,  I started out learning Makaton signing as I work with adults who have ASD and I want to be able to community with service users who are non-verbal or have difficulty communicating. Honestly I never understood how learning to communicate with others could make such a difference for the person and also for myself, it opens up a whole new level of trust and relationship which is priceless.  I have always wanted to learn to sign, and started to learn singing with si
    • Sign language interested me ever since I saw Mr Tumble on TV as a kid 😂  I love learning languages, and I've kept meaning to actually learn BSL for a few years now. I've found it hard just using youtube and learning random words, and not having anyone to practise with, so I kept losing motivation. One video pointed out how much more difficult masks make it for deaf and hard of hearing people to understand what other people are saying, removing the option of lipreading,  so now is a gre
    • Hi everyone! I'm a hearing person, and I'm currently in my final year of a maths degree. While I've picked up a few random signs in the past, I'm now taking the British-sign beginner course, so I can put more effort into learning BSL, in a structured way. I've wanted to learn BSL for quite a while, and now I've got the time and resources for it! Looking forward to learning to sign with you all!
    • For myself and my team we are all hearing, it is taken for granted to such an extent. When I started working in my building we had a deaf visitor come in and I was unable to converse with her which made me feel unable to do my job in helping her, I didn't know how to ask simple things and did not want to offend her, she very kindly wrote down what she needed to ask me but it shouldn't have to be that way. We want to be able to be inclusive in our building to the best of our abilities and so this
    • Hello everyone 👋 my name is Courteney and I work in London. Me and my team on reception are doing the introductory sign language course to be more inclusive of our deaf visitors. But I've got to say Courteney is an awfully long name to fingerspell, nickname suggestions anyone?!
    • Hi! I'm learning BSL as i myself am deaf and i never had the opportunity growing up to learn sign language. only the past 3 years have i met more and more people in the deaf community and i've finally decided to try BSL out for myself. As much as i'm able to follow along with watching conversations being conversed in sign language i would love to communicate more and understand for myself some signs.
    • Thank you so much. I have just started the Introduction to BSL course online. I'm so pleased you had a positive experience with your midwives. Good luck with your level 1 course xx
    • Love this - what a twist on perception and so true.  I wish BSL was taught in schools!
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